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The MEMPHIS BLUES SOCIETY Sunday Evening Jam (weekly) has a new home

Hard Rock Cafe, 126 Beale Street in downtown Memphis.

The Sunday Jams occur 7-11 pm every 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sunday (& 5th Sunday if applicable) of each month. Your Jam master is Brad Webb. Come to the Jam to see some of the mid-south's best blues musicians perform. If you’re a musician, come sign up to participate in the jam.

The featured host band starts out the night with a short set of blues tunes. Then approximately every 25-30 minutes musicians are rotated until everyone who has signed up gets a chance to play. Make plans to attend....and bring your friends!

Blues musicians of all skill levels are invited and encouraged to attend and participate (please review the Jam Regulations). You never know who you will be entertained by at the jam! Many local musicians drop by to listen and play.



Please review guidelines before attending:

1. SIGN UP - You must sign up. No exceptions! No matter if you are a 'regular' or a Blues Star. BANDS: This is a jam for individual musicians. Please read the paragraph concerning band participation below. All performers must register with the MBS on arrival and provide details of the music they will play and who they wish to play with, if anyone. The Jam Master will try to oblige the requests, but there are NO GUARANTEES as to who you might be on stage with. It's your responsibility to get on the sign-up sheet. Sign-ups must be in person. Proof of MBS membership will be requested at the time of sign-up. Registration does not guarantee that you will have an opportunity to perform, as this depends on the number of musicians registering and time allowed. In the rare case of scheduling contentions due to time limits or other reasons, MBS members will have priority over non-MBS members. Discussions concerning scheduling from non-MBS members are not accepted. You should be a member to Jam (non-members will get a limited number of freebies).

2. BANDS - This is a jam for individual musicians. It is not intended to be a showcase for bands. You will be expected to perform within the lineup as assigned by the Jam Master. Any band wishing to perform should arrange in advance with the Jam Master to perform at a MBS Blues Band Showcase event. Members of the same band can be on stage during the same session, but will be jamming with other musicians. There are no guarantees as to who might be assigned to your session.

3. THE BLUES IS ALRIGHT - This is a Blues Jam, so please only play the blues. Blues music should be the only music played on stage. After all, we are a blues society.

4. VOLUME - Your volume is VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE KEEP IT LOW (we will have a volume meter on hand to measure, if necessary)! If asked by the sound engineer, the Jam Master, or others on stage with you, please TURN DOWN your volume. Failure to voluntarily lower your volume may result in cutting your 'set' short. The house controls the volume. Requests to turn down must be obeyed.

5. EACH JAM LINEUP GETS TO PLAY THREE SONGS (15-20 MINUTES MAX) - The Jam Master may shorten or extend your session as he sees fit. The Jam Master will let you know when your time is close to ending. Also there is a clock on stage to keep you reminded. Change-over time between sets should be as swift as possible, or time will be taken away from sets. The MBS Jam Band will start off the first set, and finish out the last set.

6. KEEP IT TOGETHER - We want everyone to have fun, but no one enjoys playing with or listening to someone who's WASTED. If you are drunk or otherwise 'under the influence' you wil be asked to leave the stage. The MBS person in charge of the jam has the last say regarding sets and has the right to refuse musicians who are too intoxicated to play. The Jam Master has the right to ban or reprimand any person or persons who display negligent, disruptive or anti-social behavior.

7. SOLOS - Share the Glory - When it is your turn, take one, but keep it short, one verse or 'go round' please! Be fair to the others on stage with you, lay back and play quietly until it's your turn to solo.

8. EQUIPMENT - The Memphis Blues Society will provide a drum set, 2 guitar amps, a bass amp, and keyboard. The amps, drums, and keyboards belong to the members of the jam host band (or the venue)- so please -- treat the equipment kindly and with respect! Guitar and Bass Players - Bring your own axe. Don't expect to borrow a guitar. You may bring your own amp, or plan to use the ones supplied. However, if you want to use effects boxes, you MUST use YOUR OWN amp! Drummers - Bring your own sticks. Don't expect sticks to be provided. The Musicians must take care of the equipment. Failing to do so can result in banishment or asked to pay for damages.

9. STICK AROUND AND PAY ATTENTION - Keep Your Ears Open! If you've signed up, please STICK AROUND! When your name is called, we expect you to get up on stage, with your instrument already tuned, your songs discussed with the other players, and you are ready to play! We will call you 3 times; if you don't respond, someone else could take your place, and you lose your time slot.

10. THE STAGE - Only musicians asked to do the set will be on-stage unless specified by MBS.